For the past two and a half weeks I have been hanging out at home from my crash at EK Days. For most people if they have a bad day at work, they go home and tomorrow is a new day. For Freestyle Motocross riders a bad day at work can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months on a couch, wheelchair, crutches ect.

For me It’s really hard to explain to people why I put myself in these dangerous situations. It’s not about the money or any sort of fame that has come from it.

It’s about the love of riding my motorcycle!

When I was in grade school Trent Vigus introduced me to Motorcycles and my life changed forever! I mowed lawns, shoveled sidewalks saving every penny I could get to buy my first motorcycle.

Once I got my first bike I was addicted, my life became consumed with it. I would push my bike to the end of our alley at 6am to go riding before school started. Once school got out, I would get back on my bike, only going home for gas and dinner.

I hated winter more and more. As a racer the odds of every going anywhere as a pro were almost impossible when you could only ride half the year if you were lucky.

Freestyle Motocross was no different. Trying to get good with long Montana winters and short summers felt unachievable. The one thing I have in me is I never give up. I’m so competitive and have always wanted to be the best no matter what I’m doing.

No matter how many times my bike slams me into the ground I have this unexplainable LOVE for It. It has sent me all over the world, Introduced me to some amazing people and great friends!   It always puts a smile on my face.