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How it all got started

Keith Sayers is a native Montanan born and raised in Butte MT!!   Keith has been riding motorcycles for most of his life.  He bought his first motorcycle at the age of 9 from his neighbor for $10.00 and from there it has been one epic ride for this hard working Rocky Mountain Kid.

In 1995, at the age of 12, Keith started racing motocross which led him to three Montana state motocross championships.  From there, Keith put in the time to advance himself in racing but found that Montana was a difficult area to become noticed.  Finding new inspiration in 1997, Keith started performing freestyle motocross demos during race intermissions.  He caught on quickly, and in 2002 at the Unleash the Freaks tour, Keith was introduced to Steve Miller from SCS Racing. The following year he did his first ever freestyle motocross show in his home town and it seemed as if Keith had what it takes to make it in FMX.  Then in 2004, Steve offered him an opportunity to come over to Bozeman, MT to start practicing at his facility.  From then on, Keith has taken what he learned from Steve and decided to build his own custom facility in Butte for practice. 

Keith’s dedication to bring a practice facility to his back door has proved invaluable.  Keith is committed to riding and training on his motorcycles every chance he gets.  The progression that Keith has gone through these past few years is an inspiring story for a small town rural FMXer.  Keith began doing a wide variety of contests, demos and shows.  His name has been listed among some of the best.  Keith not only approaches FMX seriously but he approaches the business side the same way by producing his own demos and constantly maintaining his top-notch practice facility.  His facility has seen the likes of Mike Metzger, Greg Hartman, James Carter, Destin Cantrell, Nick Dunne, Rich Kearns and Steve Haughelstine rip at, which is something to be said.  Keith has also taken over the ramp building for SCS Racing, which includes building every ramp for the 2009 ESPN Winter X Games.

Keith is very lucky to have the love and support of his Wife Danielle, as well as his family and friends who help with everything from assisting Keith in the foam pit to producing shows!!   Thank you for checking out Keithsayers.com!!

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