All of us in this sport know the dangers every time we throw our leg over a bike.  Early this spring Heath Frisby made his yearly trip to Montana to live for the summer.  His first day back on the bike was not a very good one, having a bike problem  off  a ramp and breaking his pelvis in 3 pieces.  He ended up with 7 screws and a plate along with a scar that is 8-10 inches across his stomach.  Not walking for over 3 months muscles vanish very quickly.  With the competitive personality the Gold medalist from the 2010 winter x games, he is pushing hard to get back to where he was before he crashed.  As you can see from the pics below it didn’t take but a week of riding here to be killing it once again!!  Watch for Heath gunning for his back to back gold medals this January at the 2011 winter x games.