First off I want to say I’m real sorry for this all happening this way.
The town of Butte is so amazing and supportive to me and my family.  The last thing that I ever wanted to do was to crash doing this stunt.  I practiced this for a few weeks and It has gone really well.  So we decide to set everything up Friday night so I could hit it a few times to see how it felt.  The first five jumps all went really well, with it getting later and the sun coming up in my eyes I decided to go ahead and do a backflip.  My hand slipped off the handlebars when I pulled.  I was lucky enough to stay calm and grabbed back on to the bars.  When I landed I was sideways and high sided slamming my face and head into the ground.

I ended up breaking my nose, getting a concussion, whiplash, all kinds of road rash.

I would like to thank my wife, family and friends and all my sponsors who helped make this all happen for me and all my fans who have been so supportive to me!!

Thank You All!!!