I really don’t know what I would do without my motorcycle in my life.  It has put so many smiles on my face and helped me put smiles on a lot of other faces.  I have met some of the most amazing people in my life from riding.  It’s taken me so many places I never imagined going.  I look around and see all the things it’s given me and It’s hard to explain how I feel.  I look back at where it all started, from the first time I ever threw my leg over a bike (Thanks Trent) you changed my life from that moment on, to my first mx race (Thanks Mom & Dad), my first ramp (Thanks Stephen), my first sponsor (Thanks Matt K), my first show (Thanks Steve Miller), my first flip (Thanks Danielle), my first film shoot, my first comp.  I look at it all and all I can say is I’m  a extremely lucky person to be able to do what I love!!  Here are some pics and video from where it all started and where i’m at now.

Thank you all for the support!!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH KEITH SAYERS FMX from steven haughelstine on Vimeo.