Going back to me riding and doing what I love, I just completed a film shoot for the new Nitro Circus (country fried) that went really well.  I am looking forward to seeing it myself. I was included in the teaser that you will see below.  I also just competed in the first ever AMFXA Pro AM event down in California at Pala Raceway.  I brought home a 3rd place finish, which I was happy with for my first competition!  The next day, I headed north of LA to the Red Bull Compound where I was invited to the Red Bull ammo camp.  The camp, put on by Red Bull and Drake McElroy was very impressive.  I learned several tools and proper steps toward training for the 2010 year.  It was an incredible experience and I am motivated even more than before arriving to the camp!   After the camp, Drake contacted me and invited me to the qualifier for the Red Bull X-Fighters http://www.redbullxfighters.com this February.

Starting out the new year, I will be doing a 9 stop tour called Nuclear Cowboys with stops all over the US.   This tour will consume the first 3 months of the year.  This tour is widely publicized and I am happy to be a part of it.  Once this tour is complete I will continue to practice and train to do all my regular events that I do with my demo program.  2010 is shaping up well for me and I have some big goals I am setting for myself.  This past year has been great and I wanted you all to know I greatly appreciate all the support for the past year.   I really look forward to working with everyone in the future!!

Below are a few links and pictures of the events that I’ve doing the last 2 months.